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Celebrity Stylists

I’ve been cleaning out my cupboards the last couple of weekends, and today I found a notebook I use to scribble down phone numbers, shopping lists and the like. Before I threw it out, I flicked through it quickly to see if there was any important information in there.

Well, this isn’t important, but it is amusing.

One night a few months ago, some friends and I went out for drinks and dinner in Newtown. We found ourselves following a line of conversation that we found hilarious: imagining what famous bands and singers would name hairdressing and beauty salons if they opened them. The one that started it all was imagining Steve Tyler of Aerosmith, opening a salon called either Aerosnips or Hairosmith. In the morning, I jotted down the ones I could remember.

  • Britney Shears
  • Lady Barber
  • Spray-Z
  • The Artist Formerly Known As Rinse
  • Locks Of Seagulls
  • Mötley Hüe
  • Mariah Hairy
  • Spice Curls
  • Marilyn Handsome
  • Fitney Houston (okay, by this point we were thinking up names for gyms, too)

We amused ourselves greatly. Can you think of any others?


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