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30 Things: Day Nine

Your beliefs

Nobody who knows me wants me to start banging on about this. I was raised Catholic, spent a few years as a bitter existentialist and now consider myself a humanist and a positive atheist (that is, I have a positive belief that gods don’t exist, as opposed to simply lacking faith in them, which is negative atheism). I used to bait my dad over religion a lot (he’s studying a master’s degree in theology), but that’s given way to some more mature discussions on the universe. He’s very articulate, just not very convincing.

So without a list of deity-dispensed commandments to guide my decisions, I like to keep the motto of the Urquhart clan of Scotland: “speak well, mean well and do well”.


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2 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    Hear hear! Secular Humanism all the way to a better world!

  2. MC Grammar says:

    This is quite similar to my motto, ‘live boldly, love madly, spell correctly.’

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