Mid-20s Malaise

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30 Things: Day Eight

A moment

It was surprisingly easy to pluck a moment from my quarter century. It’s a simple memory, but one that I treasure for the sense of uncomplicated contentment it gives me.

It was four, maybe five o’clock in the morning. I was cycling through Copenhagen. It had been one of those nights that happen all the time in movies, but never in life. I met a friend for coffee which turned into drinks and dinner and more drinks and dancing at a nightclub opening until the wee hours. Tired out, I eventually hopped on my bike and cycled back to my friend Iason’s apartment (hi, Iason!). As I was passing Copenhagen’s central station, I paused in the light rain, and felt so happy, so in love with the city.

København K

Kærlighed og København.

I was nearing the end of my year abroad, so perhaps I was feeling more vulnerable to maudlin opining than usual. But I felt so amazed that a series of events had led me from the suburbs of Australia to the streets of Copenhagen. I felt so lucky that I had a bike, that I had friends, that I had a warm jacket, that I had a family waiting for me in Australia. But for a moment, nothing else in my life mattered, and it was just me and the rain and the sleeping city.


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7 Responses

  1. Iason says:

    That place was the winner of a photo contest some time back. The goal was to capture the essence of Copenhagen.

    • liamliamliam says:

      Are you being sarcastic, young man? o_O

      In the other direction, I had a view out to the big shining Dong near your place.

      • Iason says:

        Not at all. I have been trying to find the picture for you but the website is no longer in operation.

        Awww. You always loved that Dong.

    • liamliamliam says:

      Oh, really? I didn’t think it was a particularly Copenhagenesque spot, I could just see all across the city from that bridge.

      And that was my second favourite Dong in Sydhavn!

      • Iason says:

        Well it’s a well known place since it’s a fulcrum for a lot of traffic. It’s also a choke point for the flow through the city. It’s elevated so you can see a lot of the city from there… and it has this strange urban quality to it. It could perhaps be discussed if that and not the charming inner city is the most Copenhagen’y but it certainly has a special.. something.


  2. awww, lovely post.

    I really miss cycling through an empty Copenhagen in the middle of the night…summer nights are the best though.

  3. Ian says:

    I miss Copenahgen so much, this made me almost-teary. And I never get teary. Except when I left Copenhagen. Or when I think about it. Or you, obviously.

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