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Ugens Sang: Janelle Monáe – Tightrope

Janelle Monáe’s debut album, The ArchAndroid, languished on my shelf for several months. A friend had raved about it, but it didn’t really grab me. I don’t know what made me decide to give it another go, but boy, am I glad I did. It’s an exceptional album. It’s a concept album, of sorts, telling the story of an android who falls in love with a human in a future where that is illegal. A bounty is placed on her head, and dramatics ensue. The plot is cohesive, but is also easily ignored if you just want to hear the sweet tunes. It’s the most varied album I’ve heard in a long time: my past as a music journalist fails me in defining the musical scope of the album. Bubbly electro-pop like Wondaland, soulful (an adjective that normally makes me barf) balladry like Oh Maker (which contains my favourite lyric of the year: “perhaps what I mean to say is that it’s amazing that your love was mine”), and banging R and B like this week’s song, Tightrope.

Watch this clip, and you will hate Janelle Monáe. How dare she? She’s got an incredible voice, she’s a skilled songwriter, she can dance like nobody’s business, and then she has the nerve to be that beautiful? Seriously. What a bitch.


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5 Responses

  1. Frances says:

    I half-heartedly listened to most of the songs on this album when I bought it months ago. I listened to it start to finish recently and it really is a brilliant album. But, overall, Monae is a massive bitch for being so talented, beautiful and stylish.

  2. Iason says:

    I love it. It’s great. But yeah, too much talent beauty and style. Kinda ruins it when you stop to think about it.

  3. Iason says:

    Other things that can ruin it is talking about it… it seems: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3niVOWuSVF4

    • liamliamliam says:

      What a charismatic reviewer.

      He obviously paid attention in class for On-screen Presentation 101: Touching Your Face And Playing With Your Glasses Endlessly.

      • Iason says:

        It just seems very anxious to brand himself. Certain way of talking, moving, doing. It would al lbe very human was it not because it all seemed to be something he had been trained to do.

        Now owns albums.

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