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30 Things: Day Six

Your day

8.00: My alarm goes off. Ugh. I’m lucky to live so close to work, although I had it even better in London: my office was at the end of my street (I lived on Frithville Gardens; the entrance to my office building was called Frithville Gate) and I started at 9.30, so I could sleep in until 9.00 and still be at work on time. Anyway, I manage to drag myself out of bed by 8.10. I have a shower, get dressed, do my hair. Sometimes, I have breakfast, which always results in running late.

9.05: Arrive at work. Boot up super-slow work computer, make a cup of tea, chat to workmates. If I didn’t have breakfast at home, I’ll wander out and get some toast and coffee. From there, my day is taken up with assorted tasks which I enjoy but which are super-dull to describe, so I’ll spare you.

1.00: Lunch! I often meet my friend Frances for laksa, or get a salad from a nearby cafe. I take a book to work every day, but I think I’ve sat down to read in my lunch break 5 or 6 times. I usually just get back to work.

4.00: Afternoon tea! I don’t care what nutritionists say, this is the most important meal of the day. Sometimes fruit, sometimes yoghurt, sometimes chocolate. Always coffee.

5.30: Home time! Although I usually don’t go home. My life is quite busy during the week: Danish class on Wednesdays, and most other nights I have dinner with a friend, or go to a gig or a movie. I try to devote at least one night – Monday or Tuesday – to lounging about on the couch.

7.00: If I’m not out for the evening, I’ll cook dinner, potter about, clean the apartment.

11.00: Go to bed and read for a bit.

12.00: Finally fall asleep.

Sorry. That was less than fascinating. I could have reinterpreted the question and talk about the day I had today, but it was pretty dull: as described above, except I lay on a bench for half an hour and had hair ripped out of my chest by a chatty Irish beautician.


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