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30 Things: Day Three

Oops. Was having such a lovely day, drinking cider in the sun with my friends, that I didn’t get around to writing yesterday’s blog entry.

My parents

Aah, our parents. They give us life, and neuroses.

My mum has always made a very clear distinction between “like” and “love”, and the people you like and the people you love aren’t always the same. You may love your siblings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you like them. I’m very lucky, in that I love my parents very much, and I like them too. We’re very different people: they’re conservative Catholics, I’m a godless liberal. Nevertheless, we get on very well. Our core values are very similar. My mother has been a teacher and a counselor, my father is a doctor: both of them have dedicated their careers to helping people, and the value they place on personal relationships is something I share.

I’m very much like my mother, who loves to read, to laugh, to cook, to talk about art and music. We have similar senses of humour: she gave me my love of sarcasm and dry wit. My dad is a more serious man, and he often misinterprets my jokes as straight-faced comments. He’s studying theology, and I’m a cranky atheist. We often argue over that, but I respect him: as silly as I think his logic is, he’s a thoughtful man. Both of my parents love to socialise, and taught me to be a good host: I love to throw dinner parties, and my parents trained me well in being attentive to guests’ needs.

My friends love my parents, who are always very interested in their lives. A good friend from high school even invited them to her wedding, a gesture which was very touching to them and me.

Of course, they’ve fucked up – parents always do – but they did the best they could. I’ve let go of petty teenage resentments, and I’m very fond of them.

Oh, and my mum recently burst a blood vessel in her eyeball. It looks really gross; a big, bright red orb, spinning in her face.


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3 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    What a lovely post Liam :) I am also very lucky that I have great parents who have always done their best. Even if I don’t always agree with them, I feel confident enough to tell them they are wrong – to me, that is good parenting! ;) hehe

    • liamliamliam says:

      Yes, I agree! Often I’d make comments to my parents – whether about religion, politics, or them personally – and they’d say that they would have gotten a thrashing from their parents if they’d said something similar. To which I replied sweetly “Isn’t it wonderful that our relationship is so open and mature?” =P

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