Mid-20s Malaise

Struggling against the inevitable since 1986!

30 Things: Day One

Introduce yourself

Nearly all of you who read this know me (hi, Mum!). So, my name’s Liam, I’m 24, I’m currently living in Sydney, Australia, where I work in online media.

I used to work a music journalist and, although I left that role behind because music journalism is a hideous bitch of an industry, I still love and obsess over music. Preferred genres and artists include electro industrial (Angelspit and Pzychobitch), Scandinavian pop (Alphabeat and Robyn), singer-songwriters (David Bowie and Kate Bush, who are really in a league of their own), bat-shit-crazy singer-songwriters (Diamanda Galás and Nico) and, of course, the alternative rock and pop of my youth (PJ Harvey, Garbage, Catatonia and The Cardigans). But look at me going on about music – just go and browse my Last.FM profile.

In my spare time, I learn Danish and love to cook. I always moan about the fact that I should go for a run and clean my room, but I never do either of these things. I love chunky rings and flowing capes (but more on that at a later date). I’m gay and single (or desperately lonely – I use the two phrases fairly interchangeably).  I love reading, but never seem to have much time for it these days.

I’ve been looking forward to summer after spending 18 months chasing winter across the globe, but now that the heat has arrived, I’ve changed my mind. My favourite type of wine is currently rosé. My sense of humour leans toward the cruel, the dark and the ridiculous.

So, that’s me. Sort of.


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