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Opskrift: Oat, pecan and raisin cookies

So, I’ve been a bad blogger. I’ve been meaning to post a few recipes I’ve made lately, but I usually forget to take pictures of my baking adventures, and even when I remember…man, it’s so hard to connect my camera to my computer. I’ve got to, like, find the cable, and then find the USB port…it’s a struggle, dudes.

I spent last night and this morning baking up a storm: frikadeller, mandelkage and æbleskiver for my Danish class Christmas dinner tonight. I stupidly volunteered to look after catering for the evening (when I don’t have a car! How am I going to transport it all there? idiot!) but it’s actually been quite fun – especially the æbleskiver, they were some messy, messy fun.

But last week, I made these oat, pecan and raisin cookies for my workmates.

They were super-delicious, and super-easy. I could go on about the chewiness and spiciness of these cookies, but that’s done best by the blogger I stole the recipe from, Rachael Kendrick. I really enjoy everything she writes: she’s a hobby cooker, so she never gets too complicated, just has a lot of fun. Her writing is passionate and sardonic, and she emphasises easy, comforting food, in tune with the seasons. She’s a vegetarian, and I didn’t notice that until I’d read nearly her whole archive. Everything looks just delicious, you’d have to be my father to find the lack of meat an issue.

Anyway, here’s the cookie recipe, and dig through her archives. I can’t wait to try a few more of her recipes!


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