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Ugens Sang: Diamond Rings – Show Me Your Stuff

Canadian musician John O’Reagan fronts a quite serviceable post-punk outfit called The D’Urbevilles. But his solo work, under the Diamond Rings moniker, is amazing (hence why it’s also posted with the amazing/forbløffende tag): exactly the kind of melancholy, menacing electro-pop I love. Earlier songs like You Oughta Know (not an Alanis Morissette Cover, sadly) had a Gothic undercurrent, but his best song is the over-the-top camp-fest Show Me Your Stuff.

I discovered it just after returning home from Europe, and a lot of the song resonated with me lyrically as I tried to figure out what my next move would be: “either way, I know just what I need and I’ma find it, because all I need is already within me.” Of course, though, what I loved most was its Lady-Gaga-on-a-budget aesthetic, from the skittering synths to the peacock-shaman costume. The most amazing thing about it, though, is the fact that it is not on his debut album, Special Affections, released today. The rest of the album is good, but it ain’t no Show Me Your Stuff. According to my Last.FM profile, I’ve played it more than any other song in the last 18 months. You should play it – loudly and repeatedly – too.

Er det ikke forbløffende? Ja, det er meget forbløffende. Nu, spille det igen!


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