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Things That Are Terrible: MTV remakes Skins

Today in Things That Are Terrible, American television station MTV released a “sneak peek” (I hate that term so much, even though I use it when writing scripts at work) at their remake of the awesome British show Skins. In the recent case of the American remake of the Swedish film Let The Right One In, I decided to wait until I saw the film to decide whether it was a Thing That Is Terrible, which is just as well, because Let Me In was a Thing That Is Good. As the trailer below attests, though, this new incarnation of Skins is definitely a Thing That Is Inconceivably Awful And Should Not Be.

See that shot-for-shot recreation of the camera panning slowly up from (the American equivalent of) Tony’s face as he’s lying, tucked very neatly in his bed? In the UK version, we saw his bedspread had a naked man (face down) and a naked woman (face – and titties! – up). It was important, because it said something about his weird relationship to sex. This new version of Tony just has pretty trees on his bedspread. Way to miss the point, MTV.

Also, I thought the point of American remakes was to get rid of allegedly ugly British actors and replace them with lovely American ones. Although the new Sid is a little cuter, the new Maxxie and Tony are not, giving us an overall lower cuteness quotient. For shame, MTV, for shame. You no longer deliver music, and now you can’t even adequately deliver eye candy. What good are you?


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2 Responses

  1. Rachel says:

    I could list HUNDREDS of things that are terrible, which are American remakes… when will they learn?

  2. Frances says:

    ‘Tony’ has spiders on his bedspread, not trees. Still misses the point, though.

    BOO America. Why do networks think that Americans can’t relate to something in a different accent?

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