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Om Nom Nom

As anyone who has spent a couple of hours with me can attest, I have a nigh-insatiable fondness for sweet foods. Whether I stop for a sugar fix or simply gaze longingly at a window display of cupcakes, pastries and other sweets always feature somewhere in my daily routine. I laugh when friends push away a half-eaten plate of caramel slice – claiming it is “too rich” for them – before finishing it off for them.

Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for my waistline and poor, overworked heart, which is genetically predisposed to fail), Sydney’s Sweet Infinity cafe has opened a new outlet in the shopping arcade next to my office building. (This same arcade also houses the Sydney home of Haigh’s Chocolate, making the this arcade a tunnel of delicious terror for me.)

Some of their treats miss the mark – their raspberry and chocolate brioche was too dense, and flavourless beneath its raspberry and chocolate topping. But I will gladly vouch for their orange and almond cake, and would choose their chocolate brownie as my last meal. Truly, they’re perfect: crispy outside, still moist and gooey inside, with a hint of cinnamon. (There is also a very tasty young gentleman displayed behind the counter, but he doesn’t appear to be on the menu. Shame.)

Normally, I’d try to be a good blogger and take a photo of one of these babies, but I can barely make it out of the store before half the thing is in my gullet. You’ll just have to wander over to the Strand Arcade and try one for yourself.


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  1. Rachel says:

    I am so glad that I don’t live/work near this store. It would be disaster. Goodluck with your willpower and such ;)

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