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Dear The Internet, Welcome To Dumpsville

Population: You.

Yes, The Internet, I’m breaking up with you. Or, at least, trying to stop spending so much time with you. Amanda Palmer wrote a really great blog a few months back (which I can’t find at the moment) about the relationship between boredom and creativity. When I was a kid, I used to potter about in my room and make stupid coded languages and write stories about talking cats. Admittedly not the work of a child prodigy, but still, it was something.

Now, when I’m bored, I just faff about on you, The Internet. And not even here on this blog, where I’d at least be writing. I diddle around Twitter and Facebook and read assorted blogs. I’ve pottered about with short stories and ideas for non-fiction books. I’ve half-started new fitness regimes and lost whole weekends to my Twitter feed. Tonight, I got home, baked some banana bread, made a stir-fry, watched some British comedy, read about some British history and did some ironing. Sure, a dull, domestic night, but I feel I actually did something worthwhile.

So, for at least the rest of this month, I’m going to be avoiding Twitter and Facebook. (I’m sure I’ll have to check into Facebook from time to time, because who emails these days?)

Hopefully I’ll get something useful done, even if it’s just learning a few extra Danish verbs.


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9 Responses

  1. James says:

    You watched some “British Comedy”? That makes it sound very upmarket. Tell the truth. Like me, you watched “George & Mildred” :)

  2. I hear you! And I might actually do the same (or at least minimise my internet procrastination to 1 hour a day). Hell, I might even read a REAL book.

    Problem is the internet is more addictive than crack when you’re already sat there in front of the screen but the moment you’re disconnected & out and about you hardly ever miss it. Guess that’s why I can’t be bothered to get an Iphone…..just yet. xx

    • liamliamliam says:

      I’ve been wanting to get an iPhone, but…yeah, I might hold off =P

      And I know what you mean about books! I miss them – I’m still reading a book I bought when I was last in CPH!

  3. Daniel Stone says:

    Yeah, I’ve been thinking about this as well for a while (http://bit.ly/9bvBSn), and I really think its the way to go. But I find myself so caught up in habit, its difficult to break away. I also think so much stimulation (even though banal) is one of the reason I am always so wound up at bed time. I don’t think there’s anyway you can go from watching tv, using twitter and reading (so – three media sources) to nothing – and expect to fall asleep or relax without trouble.

    • Liam says:

      I agree! I had great trouble as a teenager falling asleep. Teenage hormones make you feel sleepy later anyway, and coupled with hours of furious MSN Messenger activity of an evening, I rarely fell asleep before 2am. Now, it’s not so bad, considering that I’m a tired grown-up, but I notice a big difference when I go to bed if I’ve just watched a movie/read a book than if I hopped about on the internet.

  4. So, you and the internet are on a break, huh? So you, er, wouldn’t mind if I spent a bit of time with it, then?

  5. Ian says:


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