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Foreign Language Music Week: BONUS!

Woo woo, the universe clearly approves of my little writing project. I woke up on Saturday morning to a crippling hangover and a pleasant German surprise. Wir Sind Helden – who I blogged about the other day – had emerged from hiatus with a new album, Bring Mich Nach Hause (Bring Me Back Home). I had absolutely no idea it was coming, and it pleases me immensely – it stands a good chance of becoming my favourite. The title track is incredibly lovely. This is a nice live version which doesn’t quite do the album version justice, but gives a good impression.

While we’re (sort of) on the topic, man, it can be hard keeping up with news of foreign language artists! All I can really do is check back to their website every now and then and see if there’s been a major redesign (usually a sign that a new album is imminent). And that’s why I am terrible with keeping track of Korean and Russian pop, although I love most of what I’ve heard. I can’t even properly Google artists, as they work with a totally different alphabet.

A good example is 나르샤, which is apparently pronounced “Narsha”. She seems to have been in a Korean girl group called Brown Eyed Girls, and released an amazing single called 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bba Bba). It’s a bit amazing – Lady Gaga would be proud. Or furious at the impersonation. Either way, I dig it.


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  1. Liam, I can’t believe you concluded your foreign language music week without even mentioning the greatest Danish band that ever lived, Sussi & Leo ;-)

    ps. I love your new blog.

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