Mid-20s Malaise

Struggling against the inevitable since 1986!


I have been drafting and redrafting a post over the last week or so, about what life is like for me and many of my friends at the moment. Most of us are passing through some kind of quarter-life crisis: the mid 20s malaise that I named this blog for. It was difficult to articulate the way I felt in any meaningful way. It all sounded so trivial.

And that’s because it is trivial.

Today, I found out a friend from high school died after a long battle with cancer. I hadn’t seen her since high school, but we used to sit together in Indonesian class. I sent her letters when she was on exchange in Malaysia. She was funny and smart – very smart.

Like I said, I hadn’t seen her in years, but we’d corresponded recently. She was writing a blog about living with cancer: it was incredible and humbling. She faced her treatment with humour and humility. She spoke in a very wry way of the problems she was experiencing, but was always appreciative of the kind things her family and friends were doing for her. I admired her a lot.

While I was trying to decide what to do with my life, she was trying to hang on to life in any way she could. It’s such a shame that someone who deserved a full life so much has been denied it.


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