Mid-20s Malaise

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Boo Hiss Building

There’s a lot of construction going on around my buiding.

Projected finishing date? Some time next year.


They’re currently erecting scaffolding to encase the whole building, and will be replacing all the windows. We will also be losing a foot of each room for a month as they build into the apartment to have room to stand and all that shit.

They seem to have their staff meeting OUTSIDE MY WINDOW every morning at seven, and then disappear after three minutes. It sounds like they are inside my bedroom, which is really creepy. Then they potter about all sides of the building, so I never know when one will wander past a building, SCARING THE STOOL OUT OF ME. As a result, I’m keeping all the blinds tilted halfway in the already-dim apartment.

It reminds me of when I was at university, and my housemates and I lived in an awesome and enormous apartment above a pharmacy in the centre of a country town. One day, the chemist downstairs had booked some builders to do some work on the buildings awning WITHOUT TELLING US. This awning was directly outside my female housemates bedroom – a room which didn’t have any curtains. So this poor girl was awoken to a strange man looking in at her THROUGH A FIRST FLOOR WINDOW.

Rather alarming.

But I suppose I should count my blessings – the builders have installed their port-a-loo outside my neighbours’ master bedroom.

What kind of dramas have you suffered at the hands of the construction industry?


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2 Responses

  1. joshua william says:

    So I take it none of them are attractive? You’re not going to parade around in front of the windows in your undies, winking at them and offering them glasses of refreshing home-made lemonade?

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